Why KatPat?

Sophie who has been living in Thailand for more than 25 years frequently visits the small villages of Northen Thailand to regularly assist and support children in ethnic minority groups.

Together with her husband Moumou, her daughter Malissa and a friend named Laa, she also tends to various animals.

There’s an abundance of dogs, many of whom are little or not cured at all due to the lack of finances.

These sick or infected animals live side by side with the local children of all ages, causing a great hygiene risk and further health problems.

Oftentimes Sophie and her husband intervene and medically treat animals in a very poor condition.

Due to severe financial precarity, dog owners simply cannot afford to obtain medical assistance for their beloved pets, nor can they have then euthanized because of their religious beliefs

Despite all and on many occasions, Sophie and her team have managed to cure animals in a near-death state. A truly miraculous feat !

Besides dogs, she saves and heals many other animal species such as cats, tortoises, pigs, ostriches, donkeys, birds….

Sophie et Moumou receive in their house all abandoned animals.….It’s a little paradise !

But all those things are not free : Vaccines, vermifuges, products
Even if Sophie has a big heart, she can’t handle financially this load all by herself.

She decided, with the support of some of her friends, to create a charity and KatPat officially began in June 2014.

Katpat’s object are to cure animals, to make prevention and to teach owners by showing them short movies.

Mentalities and habits have to change for the good fortune of all the animals in the villages and the jungle.